Congregation Based Shelter Project (CBSP)

Our Emergency Housing program, Congregation Based Shelter Project (CBSP), provides nontraditional apartment-style shelter for 5-8 families in DC every night of the year.  We also help build a positive support network for these families, providing intensive case management services with the goal of self-reliance, or steps towards it. Families work with CHGM staff to move from crisis to stability and to secure education, training, employment, family reunification, housing, and childcare, so they can move on to transitional or permanent supportive housing.

In 2012, Congregation Based Shelter Project provided emergency shelter services to 18 individuals, and continued to manage DC’s only “reasonable accommodation” apartment-style emergency housing units.  Most clients in CBSP are single parents with 1-2 children and have experienced a period of doubling up with family and friends.

Congregations become part of this positive support network for marginalized families not only through hosting, but also by offering friendship and a listening ear, taking families on outings, mentoring adults, and donating furniture, shelter supplies, and household goods.  CHGM staff enters into a partnership with the congregation to coordinate their efforts, from start to finish.


CHGM’s housing program participants are selected on a referral basis through the Virginia Williams Resource Center and The Community Partnership. Homeless families and individuals in Washington, DC looking for shelter services should contact:
 Virginia Williams Resource Center
Central Intake for Emergency Family Shelter
Phone: 202.526-0017
33 N Street, NE
Know someone in need?
Call 1.800.535.7252.